Mediation & Arbitration


We offer experience, expertise, and professional, innovative, cost-effective services in:

  • Mediation
  • Arbitration
  • Partnering
  • Early Neutral Evaluation
  • Neutral Fact-Finding
  • Mini-Trial
  • Dispute Prevention and Resolution Systems Development
  • Dispute Prevention and Resolution Skills Training

Benefits to Users:

  • Faster Resolution than Litigation
  • More Economical than Litigation
  • Greater Expertise in the Subject in Dispute than Judges and Juries
  • More Flexible and Adaptable than Litigation
  • Less Formal and Technical than Litigation
  • Results Are Final and Binding


  • Gerald Clay - mediation and arbitration since 1980; over 1,000 cases; former teacher of graduate ADR class at Hawaii Pacific University ; faculty and trainer, ADR seminars


  • Gerald Clay -mediation and arbitration of construction, business, securities, property, corporations, partnerships, commercial disputes; partnering of business and government organizations; mediation and arbitration training.
  • Rates: Either hourly or fixed fees are available
  • Services: Customized to meet the needs of each particular case

Please contact us to see how we can adapt our services to your needs.