Gerald S.Clay, Reginald K.T. Yee, and Scott I. Batterman provide arbitration and mediation services, and represent clients in a variety of insurance related matters, including:

First Party Coverage

Third Party Coverage

  • General Liability Policies
  • Professional Liability Policies
  • Directors and Officers Policies

Bad Faith Claims

Litigating Claims

More Legal Services

We may be able to help you if

  • You have been sued and your insurance carrier has refused to defend you.
  • You have suffered damage to your property and the insurance company has refused to pay the fair value of what you have lost.
  • You have been injured, or are sick, and your insurer refuses to treat you fairly in paying your medical bills or your disability insurance.
  • Your insurer has unreasonably delayed in paying claims.


Clay Chapman insurance counsel have litigated insurance issues in federal and state court, including the Hawaii Supreme Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Clay Chapman does not charge for initial consultations, and in appropriate instances we will accept cases on a contingency fee basis.

Mediation and Arbitration Services

Mr. Clay has mediated and arbitrated more than 3,000 construction and commercial disputes, including construction disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes, contractual disputes, real property disputes, lease disputes and legal and medical professional disputes. Mr. Clay is a member of related associations, such as the American Bar Association, ADR Section, and has been an annual faculty member since 1985 of numerous professional seminars and training regarding mediation and arbitration. Mr. Clay has authored numerous professional books and articles regarding ADR practice, its use and training for professionals, as wello as the users of ADR.